Way way back …

… when I was at SGI … oh … 16 years ago or so, someone, for some reason sent me an email where they made some specious claims.
I calmly pointed out to them where I caught their error, what the error was, and how they could fix it.
They then proceeded to attack me in email, and started bugging me on my work phone.
Later, after I had left SGI and started Scalable, someone had posted some rather poorly thought out discussion of something, and attacked me (again) for some rather idiotic reasoning. I fisked them (publicly) and then ignored them.
The last time I saw behavior like this prior to SGI was on usenet, which, yes, I did participate in to some degree in the late 80s/early 90s.
So after seeing someone attack me for pointing out the flaws in his statement, asking for clarification, and choosing my language very carefully … to the point of diplomatically stating that I think we are simply in disagreement as to what you are observing, you could look if you wanted … well the person chose to go on the offensive.
I don’t have time for such (insert your favorite adjective here, for those whom annoy you) people.
If you want to out yourself in public as such, in a widely searchable forum, easily googled, be my guest. Just don’t waste my time in the process.

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