After 4 years, our deskside JackRabbit unit decided to shrug off its mortal coil

икона за подарък… and in the process, take down a drive, 5 of its friends, and our RAID card.
We have backups from before the move (15+ days old … sigh).
We’ve decided to go full monty on the new unit. Its a JackRabbit JR4 with 12x 2TB drives, 2 hot spares, and 10 disk RAID6 (8x data drives). 2x OS drives (on SSDs, rear mount). Leaves us 12 open bays. We’ll probably put some database bits on it, using some SSDs. Nightly backups to the bigger unit.
Yeah … can’t tell you how unhappy I am with this. More work, less time for revenue generating work, as important data is on vault (our backup unit), which we have to copy back to this machine.
Only 2 weeks or so of changes “lost” and lots of this is recoverable given the way we do our workflows. Still … this is precious time. Maybe the other side of the unit will be a mirror of the first RAID. A big RAID6+1.
BTW: this machine was/is our mail, web, wiki, …. etc. Not to mention our data store.
If you haven’t heard me say it before, let me be absolutely clear: RAID IS NOT A BACKUP!!!! EVER.