An NFS gotcha

As we rebuild our server infrastructure (aside from taking time to do things more intelligently), we run into some bumps. This one sorta threw me for a bit.

[root@virtual ~]# mount -a
mount.nfs: Stale NFS file handle
mount.nfs: Stale NFS file handle

Checked all the usual suspects. No dice. The /etc/exports was correct, and visible locally. There was a DNS oddity I resolved (humor … heh). But mounts kept giving me the stale NFS handle.
Google was not my friend here. Literally nothing of any value on this.
The solution was to add an fsid=NUMBER to the export line. Then stuff worked. Worth knowing I think …

1 thought on “An NFS gotcha”

  1. Yeah, fsid is something well worth being aware of, used it for years on the VPAC Intel clusters. Means you can move an export from one block device to another.

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