… and old faces leaving and new joining

One of our guys has left the organization. This is always hard. He is a good person, I like him a great deal. But I understand that sometimes there isn’t as good a fit as we might like there to be. If you happen to know a great HPC organization that needs an awesome senior sales dude, please email at the day job (landman At ScalableInformatics.com), and I’ll pass the contact along to him.
While this happened, I’m about to hire a new techie guy. Its hard to find an exact clone of me (and we’d wind up fighting over the coffee anyway). But I found a guy (ok Doug found him … his brother as it turns out), who can do the sort of things I need done. So I don’t have to do them.
And that rocks.
I need to spend more time on sales and marketing, as well as some of the engineering and development. Doug has to spend more time on managing some of our processes. We need more offloads. And I need to push the company harder on some of the new things that are brewing.
You’ll hear about them soon. I promise.