… and it can talk …

[root@skunkworks-prototype-n2 ~]# ifinfo device: address/netmask MTU Tx (MB) Rx (MB) eth0: addr not set/mask not set 1500 0.000 0.000 eth1: addr not set/mask not set 1500 0.000 0.000 eth10: addr not set/mask not set 1500 0.000 0.000 eth11: addr not set/mask not set 1500 0.000 0.000 eth12: addr not set/mask not set 1500 0.000 0.000 […]

Its … alive ….

Our little skunkworks project boots!!! Mwahahahaha! Must check off on our list design build boot ??? profit (or something)! Note to self: work on eeeeevul laughter …. And get step 4 ironed out too. Viewed 35160 times by 4649 viewers

Updating a design to modern concepts …

So in order to (really) bring my monitoring app into the modern age, I want to change its flow from a synchronous on-demand event driven analysis and reporting tool, to an asynchronous monitoring and analysis tool, with an on-demand “report” function which is basically a presentation core atop the data set. There are many reasons […]

Every now and then, the truth leaks out

Good article from Matt Asay in The Register today. While there are some stand-out success stories in Silicon Valley, there is also a raft of startups pushing product features masquerading as companies. Some of these will be acquired by the likes of Zynga and Amazon, and some will go public. But most won’t. In fact, […]

On my fun end of a week …

(this was actually a while ago, just getting to publishing it now). Friday, I drove up to a local University to drop off our bid. I sent a note beforehand to let them know I might be a few minutes late, there was construction. Sure enough, got caught in a 30 minute slowdown. I was […]

2 out of 3 ain’t bad

No, not Meatloaf lyrics. A few years ago, I guessed that the HPC market was going to bifurcate or possibly trifurcate. Well, its about 3 years on, and bifurcate it did. Accelerators (in the form of GPUs) are everywhere. I was dead on correct in almost every aspect of what I had predicted (privately to […]

Parsing apache logs …

Seems I’m not alone in the world wanting to parse apache log files. I googled lots of people bitterly complaining about it. Some folks wanted to write a grammar, and a flex/yacc/bison thingy. I am sure that there are some Java programmers who’ve been working on this … oh … 6 or 7 years or […]

Good programming tools and good program implementation

Way back in my early days at web programming stuff, I started out with HTML::Mason as a templating engine. There is nothing wrong with Mason, its actually quite good. But it encourages the same sort of “code-in-page” designs that the entire language of PHP was built around. I’m mostly a Perl guy for application level […]