Company’s email and web are now on EC2

Turns out Comcast doesn’t follow through (even when you call them many times to try to get them to). Thanks #Comcast . On Thursday, I bought a Mifi (pay as you go) from Verizon. Got it into the office. Had moved the web/mail stuff to Amazon EC2 “just in case” Comcast pulled a … well […]

What high performance storage isn’t …

This happens often. We get a call from a user whose seen my postings in the Gluster or other lists. They’ve set up a storage system, and the performance is terrible. Is there anything that can be done about this? We dig into this, and find out that the people bought hardware, usually fairly low […]

… and old faces leaving and new joining

One of our guys has left the organization. This is always hard. He is a good person, I like him a great deal. But I understand that sometimes there isn’t as good a fit as we might like there to be. If you happen to know a great HPC organization that needs an awesome senior […]

New office …

… movers pick up the old office bits tomorrow, and bring it to the new office. Have some (re)construction to do, some racks to stand up, an AC unit to hook up … and then the important things (which I learnt from my friends and customers in the UK) … a refrigerator and good cappuccino […]

Q: So why did this go “bang” ?

A: I updated the OS. Bad … bad Joe. Very bad. Don’t do that. Baaaaaaad Joe. … and now I get to fix the email, and the file server portion … and … Thank gosh for my … er … paranoid backing up of useful things. Pack-rat-ism is not a disease … its a quality […]