siFlash tuning

We’ve been tuning our siFlash. Not done yet … not done, but look where we are.
24 simultaneous streaming (non-cached) reads.

Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=193632MB, aggrb=7781.4MB/s, minb=7781.4MB/s, maxb=7781.4MB/s, mint=24884msec, maxt=24884msec

Yeah. Baby.
Added another almost GB/s to the read performance. Streaming write performance is hovering around 2.6GB/s.
Remember, this is a half configured system. Imagine what we could do with a fully configured system.
Sustaining 147k random write IOPs (4k random writes, with 144 simultaneous threads), and 210k random read IOPs. This is one sweet box!