Stress analysis of a market … does this explain Facebook's IPO issues?

c.f. this post at ZeroHedge.

The problem is we don’t transact in a normal world, but one dominated by central banks and algorithms – which is why the most pressing question for those who grasp the real new normal is how come in a market as controlled and manipulated as the central bank-dominated venue we have now, was FB stock allowed to plunge? For what may be the actual definitive answer, as opposed to now trite philosophical ruminations on valuation, ethics, underwriter and shareholder greed, we once again go to Nanex, which has caught the perpetrator red handed once again.
Somehow we doubt many will be surprised to learn that the reason FB failed to take off following its break of trading in the low $40s, has everything to do with, you guessed it, another HFT algo, which in those first instants of trading, did something that threw the entire market off: it kept crossing the market, with the Bid surging above the Offer, in the process shocking the entire price-supporting HFT array, designed to build upon upward momentum, resulting in the only other natural outcome: a steep, rapid selloff.

In case you haven’t guessed it, ZeroHedge does not like HFT aka algorithmic trading. Its an informative blog … sometimes bordering on alarmist … but for the most part, a good read.