(nearly) a Gigaflop at your side

First impression: this is so wrong … so … very wrong …
Second impression: well, mebbe not.

Seriously though, this is a natural evolution of a public “flash” cloud. This is 1/5 of a gigaflop, which as a grad student 22+ years ago, I would have sacrificed for. I don’t think it will be too long before we are seeing multi-GFLOP on our hips. In which case, apart from network latency and storage bandwidth and size … you’ve got a seething mobile computing platform out there with a huge aggregate capability.
Why my second impression? About 11 years ago, someone asked me about where grid computing was going. I pulled out my hand held and held it up. The ultimate distributed computing platform. Imagine 1 billion phones each with 1 GFLOP performance.