Nginx rules …

I was having lots … and I mean LOTS of trouble with apache 2.2 on the new web server. It simply refused to do vhosts no matter what I did. Debugging it was painful.

I’d tried lighttpd in the past, and while I liked some aspects of it better than Apache, it still was hard to debug.

So I figured I’d give nginx a try. Its an up and comer in the web serving business, and seems to be one of fastest growing on the net.

The config file format is trivial … very comfortable with it.

Setup time … oh, 10 minutes maybe? Fire it up.

It works.

Ok, see how to do vhosts. Not really a vhosting, but something slightly different, but no matter, pretty simple. Set it up. Another 5 minutes.

and …


Seriously? It can’t be that easy … ?

Ok, now our support site is back up, as is our files site, and our CPAN mirror.

Now I am getting bold and will try Drupal for our main site behind this. And our support wiki. I hear it handles Mojolicious just fine

Damn … this is nice! This is what web servers should be like. I played with the proxying … wow … just floored. Its easy, it works.

I expect trouble from PHP and the fastcgi (just because fastcgi is a royal PITA … and I am not sure if PHP does *SGI … Perl does [WP]SGI, Python does WSGI, Ruby does WSGI …) … Just found this … positively salivating at the prospect of running our PHP sites being driven from Mojolicious …

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