OT: my reading list …

So I am off on a vacation tomorrow. Normally for our summer forays, I grab Gardner Dozius compendium called The Years Best Science Fiction. I have from year 14 to the current (year 28). Its just not summer without it.
Well, its not out yet. Will be out on 3-July. Oh well…
Ok … I also grab everything by Charles Stross that I have not read from the preceding year. Hey, he’s got a new Laundry book coming out! Awesome! Love that series. And its releasing on … the 3rd of July.
Ok … I am wobbling, but I can deal with this. Do the same with Alastair Reynolds (this isn’t a preference tree, this is a parallel operation for which 2 branches are delayed). Ok, Blue Remembered Earth is out, but I haven’t seen it in the stores. Might buy my 2nd kindle book and put it on the ipad.
But I don’t want to do kindle books till I can read them/store them on any device. This is why I like hard copy. I have control over the copy. Yeah its bulky. And if I lose it on a beach, or in a plane, I’ve only lost that book. Not all of my books.
Gaak … choices.