OT: Wishing for more competition in cellular phones …

Just spent 3+ hours dealing with Verizon over setting up a business account for the company, moving phones/mifi to this, and getting a new line.
Discovering in the process that the company doesn’t quite grok business customers. Or its own products. Or what its sold.
Sadly, Verizon’s network is the best. Sadly, they are … a royal pain … to deal with.
Very long story, wish it weren’t as bad as it is here. Wishing we had 3G GSM coverage as complete as Europe does, with high data rates everywhere.
Maybe this isn’t OT so much. Data motion, as I’ve been saying for more than a decade, is hard. And it gets harder. And the folks operating the on and off ramps to bandwidth are largely clueless. There might be some bright spots, somewhere, but mostly its gross incompetence layered upon ignorance.
Oh … Joy.
Dealing with O2 in the UK, with top up certs, and the plans was trivial as compared to trying to get stuff done with Verizon.
Thats 3 hours of my life I can’t get back. Maybe I can bill them for the time I wasted waiting for them to do the things they needed to do, and failing in the process.

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  1. Just went through Dell’s “next day” service over five days, so I feel your pain over wasted time.
    (For us, Verizon is the *only* network. It’s the only one that covers where we need it. Augh.)

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