What to think about cloud outages

EC2 wwas taken down by the storms running across the US. Parts of EC2 were anyway. And it took down Netflix and others.
We put our web and mail into EC2 specifically to avoid these sorts of problems. While we are working on getting our second line up on a different technology from our primary, we are leaving it in the cloud.
As I’ve said many times …. There ain’t no such thing as a silver bullet or a free lunch. There is no magical cloud that will never go down. No OS is bug free. No storage medium is completely safe.
Anyone trying to convince you otherwise is selling something.
I am not gloating over or happy about this. We have elements of our business in the EC2 cloud. it simply owes to show that new technologies do not necessarily obviate old processes to insure resiliency. Processes need to be adapted. Not neglected.
Our site is up, though we seem to have had a short email outage. Will look later.
Btw: posting this from an iPad and Mifi on my phone while my wife drives. We passed through some of the storms on the drive through ohio. Saw a number of trees snapped in half at a rest stop. Lots of junk strewn all over. We thought it was a tornado, near Lima Ohio.