ahh grub 0.97 + ext4 … how I loathe thee

I had forgotten that some combinations of grub + file system could be rendered unbootable without lots of additional help.
Grub is annoying. This is Grub legacy. Grub current tries to fix the mess, but fails as it is overly complex. And it appears to omit PXE and network boot options.
Well iPXE helps us there.
This is why we like tiburon so much. No installation. No problem. No grub to worry about.
Broken NICs or NIC drivers? Yeah, that is worrisome.
Working to make it drop dead easy to configure. Most of the way there, just need a little more work.
If we get it right, it could make provisioning clouds/clusters/machines completely trivial. If we get it wrong, it will be merely easy.
And then I won’t have to deal with grub anymore.

2 thoughts on “ahh grub 0.97 + ext4 … how I loathe thee”

    • The all seeing all knowing panopticon does not see/know stuff beyond its horizon.
      Tiburon is our software stack we use to load units, boot units stateful/stateless, and as part of our cluster system.

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