… and Oracle snarfs up Xsigo …

Xsigo makes virtual network connectivity systems. Basically letting you build a virtual network, in a software stack, so you can avoid spending so much money on a fixed (and inflexible) network stack. Its a neat concept, but its utility is focused elsewhere than HPC. Even though they talk storage, I’d argue its a fairly expensive way to build a network for storage as well … though if you are going to be changing your network all the time, it actually might be a win.
Say for example in virtual infrastructures, or clouds.
So Oracle swooped in and bought them.
In the scale up/out storage world, I don’t think this matters much. In HPC, not so much.
But it looks like the virtual folks really like their virtual stuff.
Oracle or HP grabbing a company usually means that the tech is going to disappear into the folds, be lost to the world, or be a small part of a much larger strategy … ( which means get lost in the folds).
I’m not sure Xsigo had something of great utility for everyone, but probably a good thing for a small subset. And notice that Oracle doesn’t (yet) own a network stack company. I’m betting that will change.
Pure speculation, and wild ass guessing. What if they went after (as in acquisition) Mellanox? Suddenly things would get interesting (not sure in a good way) in HPC.