Gaak … this is why we like tiburon

Finishing up building an testing system for Ceph for a customer. Unfortunately, due to another technical issue, we couldn’t simply encode the config in tiburon finishing scripts.
The technical issue is the use of the current tiburon master system by another project, and we don’t have another spare system to build a mirror of it (going to change this soon), we are stuck using an older more rudimentary version of the system.
So instead of “plug er in and turn er on” we have “do installation, update and configure by hand.”
Annoying as this is a Ceph cluster with 2 compute nodes, 3 deltaV storage nodes, 1 siFlash MDS node. 10GbE backbone. Since these are shared use resources, we are limited as what we can do … I’ve got to make sure that changes don’t impact other users. So carefully updating to our 3.2.23.scalable kernel, updating drivers and configs.
Slow and painful process, almost over.
This is why we like tiburon. Plug in. Turn on. You are done.
Gonna have to build multiple tiburon headed racks for our internal work (never needed more than one before now).