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Been a thunderbird email client since 2004. Dropped Evolution in favor of thunderbird, it just worked, everywhere, the same. Around 2009-2010 time period, Mozilla decided to refocus thunderbird. Pull resources from it. This didn’t work out well, as users protested rather intensely.
Looks like they are about to do it again, specifically to start chasing the mobile market. This letter on pastebin … and the priceless commentary afterwords, yeah … says it all.
“Hey, we got 20M+ users. Lets tell them to bugger off“.

Lets see … Mozilla has the only cross platform email client that works the same everywhere, interfaces correctly to many things (gmail, google calendar, etc.), and they don’t get the value in this? That they could be CHARGING MONEY for this and people WOULD PAY MONEY for this?

Ok then.

What if something akin to the user interface of this found its way to iphone/android? Would people use it?
iphone mail is like the mail.app in the larger OS. Its terrible (at best). Thunderbird trounces it hard. Don’t get me started on the android mail app, its as pathetic and ill thought out as the iphone version. Both are barely functional apps.
I paid for the k9mail on android. It doesn’t completely suck, and until my android phone went off the rails, it did IDLE correctly. iphone and android mail apps don’t.
Yes, that’s right. Basic functionality that should work, doesn’t. Never mind read receipts, or bouncing/redirecting or …
Yeah … extreme suckitude in the email clients for mobile devices.
So instead of addressing this market … mozilla is ….
…. entering the crowded mobile OS market with Boot To Gecko. To call this uncertain, and directly challenging most of their revenue (e.g. Google) … yeah … not such a bright move.
…. and killing off (effectively starving it of resources) thunderbird.
Is that an ego I see trumping a good business? If they had common sense they’d monetize it, or spin it out (that’s what they tried to do last time, and then stripped resources from it). But strip it of resources?
20+M users?

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  1. Joe,
    I saw it this morning – I can’t believe they are killing off Thunderbird. My family has been using it for years on Windows and Linux and now we have to switch to something else – crap! I guess I can move my wife to Outlook on Windows (Outlook is a mess), but I’m not sure what I’m going to use on Linux. Maybe Evolution?
    I’ve got years of email stashed in Thunderbird – I need to find a tool that can read it and keep it organized.
    I honestly detest on-line email tools. Organizing email into folders on these tools is next to impossible. Gmail is a perfect example. I guess we’re supposed to read it and erase it.
    While I detest Chrome given that the Mozilla foundation is seemingly on crack, I’m looking at other tools that move me away from them. This is just another stake in the heart of Mozilla.

  2. An earlier team of lead Thunderbird developers apparently did realize some people will pay for their email client, and forked Thunderbird to create the Postbox email client around 4yrs ago.

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