Seriously enjoying playing with the Julia language

See here. Parallel and distributed computing, not as an afterthought, but reasonably well integrated. Even better would be loops and vector ops which handled parallelism completely transparently … which … they effectively do in some cases. Waiting on static compilers, this language uses LLVM backend. There’s even a hook to generate code for PTX targets. … Read moreSeriously enjoying playing with the Julia language

GlusterFS and RDMA support

[update] In 3.3.1/3.3.2 —————————————————— This appeared in the 3.3.0 docs. “NOTE: with 3.3.0 release, transport type ‘rdma’ and ‘tcp,rdma’ are not fully supported.” On page 133 of the Admin Guide. We’ve been noting breakage with support since the 3.0.x days. I think there were varying factions within the company that wanted pure tcp, and some … Read moreGlusterFS and RDMA support

9 years and 351 days

[updated to get the count right]
Thats how long the day job has been in business. Our 10 year anniversary is 1-August.
I started this business 10 years ago, in part to scratch an itch, but really because I believed strongly in the HPC market. I still do, though our view of the market has evolved, and we look on how its been evolving with mixtures of joy and trepidation.
Trepidation in part because we’ve been pretty good at predicting what comes next, and sadly not been able to raise the capital needed to build in that area (at least previously). I read a blog entry recently pointed to on Hacker News, where the person discussed not blogging about VCs. For years I’ve tried to contain my thoughts in a hermetically sealed area away from the blog, but his points are simply too good to ignore.

Read more9 years and 351 days

OT: Just brilliant

Been a thunderbird email client since 2004. Dropped Evolution in favor of thunderbird, it just worked, everywhere, the same. Around 2009-2010 time period, Mozilla decided to refocus thunderbird. Pull resources from it. This didn’t work out well, as users protested rather intensely. Looks like they are about to do it again, specifically to start chasing … Read moreOT: Just brilliant

Just configured a new generation storage unit …

4U, 256TB raw, fire breathing monsterously fast unit. Our existing 5U units already leave competitors single units, never mind their storage clusters, deep in the dust, and falling rapidly behind. Next gen isn’t incremental change. Its big. Huge even. Density and performance that boggles my mind, and we’ve set some pretty serious records for performance … Read moreJust configured a new generation storage unit …