I had a sense this would work out well

As I noted in an earlier post Joyent had discontinued an aging service, but one which many people had bought into, with the promise of “forever” service. I pointed out that in this sense, forever couldn’t mean, in a literal sense, forever … But I had suggested as well that they would likely try to […]

Brittle, poorly designed pipelines

One of the more powerful aspects of cluster and cloud computing is the effective requirement for building in fault tolerance of some sort, to a computational pipeline. You have to assume, in a wide computation scenario, that some aspect of your system may become unavailable. Which means you need a sane way to save state […]

Two “new” projects

Hyperspace and 26. One does something wholly unholy, and the other takes our significant advantage in a particular area and makes it … well … even more of an advantage. Hyperspace may be with us at HPC on Wall Street. Working on it with our partner in … er … alternative dimensions. Yeah. Thats the […]

SmartOS now booting from Tiburon

Ok … took a little bit of hacking on Tiburon to add a capability I had long wanted to add in. And its not completely doing things the SmartOS way … but it works for the moment. Have some additional testing to do, drivers to test, yadda yadda yadda. But the message should be clear. […]

A code to measure IOPs/Bandwidth

Many testing codes for storage systems report various values, by shoving IO down the pipe, and measuring amount shoved, and interval between the first IO call and “end” of last IO call. This is all well and good for some cases, but caching and many other effects get in the way of accurate measurement. Systems […]

I see benchmarketing back in full swing

I’ve read quite a few storage press releases talking about how “product X is capable of performance Y and IOPs Z.” I also notice that they didn’t say “we measured this, this way, and this is what we found.” I wonder why. I look at it this way, if we reported numbers the way lots […]

Rereading posts from 6 years ago …

NFS sucked then as well. We’ve got a customer whom occasionally pushes their hardware a wee bit too hard. And stuff comes crashing down. Basically it looks like a kernel bug, one I’ve not been able to ID for a number of reasons, and I can’t find a mechanism to reliably tickle it. This is […]

started playing with SmartOS for the day job

This is a very cool concept, something that meshes perfectly with our Tiburon based siCluster philosophy. That is, compute nodes should boot diskless, there should be very little state on each node, and stuff that you need to do should be made absolutely as simple as possible. SmartOS is a project of Joyent. Joyent, for […]

Dear DEA …

According to this you don’t have enough high performance storage for your analyses. ?These materials include two terabytes of electronic data (which consume approximately 5 percent of DEA?s world-wide electronic storage capacity),? Stephanie M. Rose, the U.S. attorney for northern Iowa, wrote in the government?s July motion to dismiss the indictment. ?Continued storage of these […]

one of the curious features of our history

This is about learning, not from mistakes, but from a … well … empirical approach to “partnerships”. When I started up the company 10 years ago, we weren’t on anyones radar. Self funded, running out of my basement. Yeah, real big threat there. I noticed something though. During our time operating, first as an LLC, […]