Beautiful smackdown

This is epic. As originally seen on @mndoci ‘s twitter stream.
Short version: Those who don’t have a clue, really … REALLY … shouldn’t write lengthy journal articles about what they don’t have a clue about. Lest they get smacked down. Like this.
For some reason, its an article of faith for many people, who largely do not understand why, that the big drug companies are EEEEVVIIIILLL (hope I used enough I’s there). Has something to do with profits. And size of marketing budgets.
I’ve worked with some of these folks in the past, and I don’t understand how anyone could hold such a mis-informed worldview. Sadly, it may be because of the profitability of various drugs. Or other reasons. Who knows, it largely doesn’t matter. The fact is, they are being, and have been demonized by people. In a similar manner to those who work in finance have been demonized. And those who run small businesses.
Yeah, I feel a kinship here.
Its good to see a strong response to this demonization. Its good to push back against stupidity. To call a moronic idea what it is.
Wish we had more of that.
+1 to mndoci (and visit his blog in our blogroll!). +10 to the author. Great job! -1000 to the conspiracy theorists.