Dear DEA …

According to this you don’t have enough high performance storage for your analyses.

?These materials include two terabytes of electronic data (which consume approximately 5 percent of DEA?s world-wide electronic storage capacity),? Stephanie M. Rose, the U.S. attorney for northern Iowa, wrote in the government?s July motion to dismiss the indictment. ?Continued storage of these materials is difficult and expensive.? In addition, information associated with the case had managed to fill ?several hundred boxes? of paper documents, along with dozens of computers and servers.

First off, no, its not expensive. You are just using the wrong vendors.
Second off … please … PLEASE … call us. We’d be happy to hook you up with Petabytes for the price you are likely paying for Terabytes. Seriously.
Our units are inexpensive enough that you could buy them, replicate the data across them, and then store them.
I could say something about health care and other government programs, but I’ll refrain.