grub drive enumeration

So there you are, helping a customer out with a problem. They’ve just added in a replacement OS disk using your process. At the end of the process is a bit of … well … an insurance procedure. Make sure grub is correctly on each drive in the RAID1. The grub.conf file has root (hd0,0) […]

More M&A: IBM snarfs up Texas Memory Systems

We knew that TMS was looking for a buyer. And IBM is a very intelligently run company, they see how the technologies are changing. IBM has grabbed TMS. This alters a bunch of playing fields. There are a shrinking pool of players out there available. Virident, STEC, and a few others. OCZ is occasionally rumored […]

More M&A: TCS grabs CRL

TCS is arguably one of the more successful services groups out there. Cloud computing naturally fits into this, as cloud is AAS (As A Service). CRL has a localized bit of expertise in Pune, as well as customers pretty widely spread out. We’ve worked with them in the past, they have some of our gear. […]

OT: Canton MI Olympian and an Olympian hopeful

Took off work early to take family (and Captain!) to see Allison Schmitt at Canton’s Heritage Park. For those who don’t know, Allison won 3 gold medals, a silver, and a bronze at the 2012 Olympics in London. We watched 2 of her races, most of Ryan Lochte’s, Michael Phelps, and as many of the […]

As a service: the rapidly changing face of HPC

Our market is often inundated with buzzwords. And fads sweep through organizations looking for silver bullets to their very hard problems. Some of these problems are self-inflicted … some are as a result of growth, or needed infrastructure change. One of the biggest problems with HPC (and to a degree, storage) has been the high […]

OT: Welcome to the newest member of our family

Captain is a rescue dog from the CHAINED Inc. organization. He is the dog on the right at 1:21. His sister is the dog on the left of that frame. Captain is a 9 month old or so yellow lab. He was badly abused. He has major trust issues, and I don’t blame him for […]

Beautiful smackdown

This is epic. As originally seen on @mndoci ‘s twitter stream. Short version: Those who don’t have a clue, really … REALLY … shouldn’t write lengthy journal articles about what they don’t have a clue about. Lest they get smacked down. Like this. For some reason, its an article of faith for many people, who […]

Whats old is new again

Inspired by this article. Back in the dim and distant past, when I started graduate school … no before that … I had something of an … naive … world and economic view. This view had me believing that newly minted physics Ph.D. types would be able to find a nice tenure track relatively easily […]