SmartOS now booting from Tiburon

Ok … took a little bit of hacking on Tiburon to add a capability I had long wanted to add in. And its not completely doing things the SmartOS way … but it works for the moment.

Have some additional testing to do, drivers to test, yadda yadda yadda.
But the message should be clear. We can boot SmartOS from Tiburon (Scalable Informatics siCluster Storage and Computing cluster infrastructure).
FWIW: The amount of change required for this “hacking” was all of 7 lines of code. And adding this OS description to our boot.json file:

"pxebootiso" : {
      "SmartOS" : {
                "boot_args"   : "",
                "boot_server" : "",
                "sanboot"     : ""

As I’ve said many times, really good codes that do things in a well designed manner simply don’t need lots of modification to add functionality. This missing functionality was due to rushing on my part in the past, and ignoring this particular booting case. Easy to fix, because the rest of it is well designed and well thought out.
I won’t say much more right now. Expect to hear more about this later on.