Scalable Informatics at SC12 in Salt Lake City

Bigger booth this year, number 4154 (10×20) … last year was WAY too cramped. Planning stuff … keeping it simple if possible. Maybe a minirack with a siCluster … thinking about this hard. Definitely a dense storage system, an insanely fast storage system. Probably some streaming stuff, and pounding on IO similar to what we […]

memtest delenda est

Ok … maybe not so much destroyed. More like “ignored as a reasonable test of anything but DIMM visibility, and very basic functionality”. Memtest has several variants running around, all of which purport to hammer on, and detect, bad RAM. The only problem is, it doesn’t really work well, apart from trivial cases. That is, […]

Response to the 11+ GB/s unit was … incredible …

We showed two large speedometers, one with Bandwidth, one with IOPs. These measured their data right off the hardware (via the device driver and block subsystem mechanisms). First, we ran a fio test with 96 threads reading 1.1TB of data in total. This took about 100 seconds or so. Second, we ran a fio test […]

Tiburon again saves the day

Useful code (e.g. code == program) has a tendency to save you lots of pain when other solutions fail you. Powerful code lets you do things that lesser codes mess up. Intelligently designed and written codes allow you to debug them easily and quickly, as well as their operational impacts. None of these qualities describes […]

turning siFlash past 10 (GB/s that is) …

Yeah, that title is a Spinal Tap homage. We are bringing a new siFlash unit to the HPC on Wall Street conference. This uses our new chassis, an updated kernel, and lots of tuning. Still have much more work to do … but its probably good enough to ship now. I ran a few quick […]

IPMI Console Logger is born

Here’s the problem I am trying to solve, call it a many year itch I’ve been wanting to scratch. We build very high performance storage clusters, extreme performance flash and ssd arrays, and a number of other things. At customer sites, while in use, a unit could crash. When it does, we really need a […]

Not even wrong

There’s a story about Wolfgang Pauli about how another physicist gave him a dubious paper to look over to get his opinion. Pauli, ever the critic, remarked about the paper something akin to this: Not only is it not right, it’s not even wrong! This is a way of saying that there are failures so […]

slight change to site: comments

We’ve been getting spammed. So I am now requiring comment submitters to have a previously allowed comment to be able to comment without issue. I hate doing this, but I don’t want this to become yet another waste of bits, lousy with comment spam. If this doesn’t work, I’ll change it to require user login […]

An avulsion fracture of 4th finger on left hand

This is what I get for sparring with 13 year old black belts … sigh … starting to feel old 🙁 Splint, ibuprofen, and no sparring for a while (could do 1 hand and 2 feet, but that requires a far larger ego than I have, not to mention some brass ones … which I […]