OT: A plea for help

We have a problem. Some company has spoofed our telephone number for their caller ID, and have been calling up people harassing and threatening them. We get calls from many very pissed off people, and I have to explain the situation to them. Usually its one per week. We took 5-6 calls about this, just … Read moreOT: A plea for help

Going over some old records

… and I ran across a situation where we helped out a customer, and we were screwed over after they decided not to pay a part of their bill. They don’t deny they owed it. They just didn’t want to pay it. And the hard part, being that they were out of country, in a different jurisdiction, there is little we could do.
This is part of bleeding when you build a business. You learn from errors, as people will do their best to take advantage of you. This is why payment terms and conditions have evolved as they have.

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Excellent read on statistics and how people misuse it

Link is here. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a conversation with a researcher, when we talk about statistics, and they quote me some high correlation coefficient as being evidence of causality. Any physical scientist, chemist, engineer, … knows that you have to treat correlation coefficients very carefully, and you cannot substitute … Read moreExcellent read on statistics and how people misuse it