Fads, waves of the future, etc.

Fads are standing waves of marketing/sales/technology that have limited lifetime, yet generate buzz. Fads die out, and they consume resources during their existence. Fads rarely ever do more than help cull the herd … assisting evolutionary processes that weed crappy technology dressed up nicely and packaged for sale. Best example of these I can come […]

Not good

Rich B at InsideHPC.com posts about the national labs exit from floorspace at SC12. The claim is due to budget cuts, but the GSA scandal and its fallout likely have a higher precedence to the upper echelon of decision makers. Which if you think about it, only a minute amount, you realize is the very […]

Ultradense and fast JackRabbit coming next week

I don’t know that we’ll be able to get enough 4TB drives for all the units. We’ll talk about it some more at SC12, and should have a few units with 4TB, 3TB, and possibly 2TB drives in them. For those whom aren’t aware, our JackRabbit unit is already the fastest spinning disk single server […]

Oh joy … a crash on our Amazon EC2 hosted web server

[update 2] Yuppers, Amazon US East N. Virginia is experiencing issues. C.f. here. Doug thought I did this with our IP update (larger block of static). So did I for a moment until I logged in. Partial failure on my part for not having the backup live/ready. Wlll remedy over the next day or two. […]

AMD has an SGI moment

$131M quarterly loss. They have a looming 15% (think one out of every seven) RIF. I remember those from SGI days. I remember being on an ACS show floor, giving demos, and learning that some of my colleagues on the show floor with me, were part of the RIF. SGI itself isn’t doing well, but […]

Initial plans for SC12

Assuming all the hardware is ready … not sure, but hopefully it will be. We’ll have a siCluster at the booth. Powered by partner’s 10/40GbE fabric, and running a few different cluster file systems. FhGFS is a no brainer, it will be on there. Ceph should be on there. GlusterFS should be on there. Thinking […]

Beta version of FhGFS: now with mirror capability!

One of the best parallel file systems just got better. FhGFS now has content mirroring (client and server side!) as well as other nice improvements! We’ve used the preceding release on our siFlash unit. I’ve not shared the results publicly to date, but suffice it to say that the performance was absolutely stellar (it helps […]

Interesting and depressing article on Michigan’s future

A few prefaces … First, I disagree with the premise throughout this article that our governor is timid. He is, IMO, and in many people’s opinion, doing a great job. Governor Romney is very similar to Governor Snyder in many ways. Timidity really isn’t apparent. I guess that people see someone making a cost-benefit analysis […]