Initial plans for SC12

Assuming all the hardware is ready … not sure, but hopefully it will be.
We’ll have a siCluster at the booth. Powered by partner’s 10/40GbE fabric, and running a few different cluster file systems. FhGFS is a no brainer, it will be on there. Ceph should be on there. GlusterFS should be on there. Thinking about Lustre, may do this via our presentation layer, so we can avoid dealing with the pain of hyperspecialized kernels, and specific hard distro revision requirements. We can run the other three on effectively any kernel/distro combo … hopefully soon … Lustre will follow suit.
I’ll explain what is interesting about the hardware in a later post. Need to see where the parts are before I tell you what will and will not be there.
Project Hyperspace will be with us. This is what you get when a customer comes to you with a problem, you help them solve it, in a way that is 5-10x faster than other solutions on the market. Actively being used in market now, in a multitenant cloud context.
siFlash will be with us. Oh yes … this will be there. Seeing people lay their eyes on 11+GB/s sustained reading from 1+TB of data on disk in a single 4U box? Priceless.
Several of our hardware partners will have bits in our booth. Several of our software partners will be there as well.
I promise I will not dress up as a booth babe. I know its disappointing, but trust me, what has been seen cannot be unseen, so lets leave that one alone.
More soon.