I’ve hinted a little at what’s going on, but I haven’t come fully clean yet. Will do soon. I promise, though likely it will be public after SC12. Suffice it to say that the company is on a track to grow significantly in the near term. No, this is neither a capital raise, nor an […]

Update on the scammers spoofing our number

We’ve started following an interesting suggestion made to us. It involves some cost, but its got the nice side effect of providing us (eventually) with the call data records from the phone company. Assume we will be getting the information we need, soon, to deal with this. We have a potent legal cocktail waiting for […]

Updated configs for storage

Had neglected to mention this, but all of the day job‘s units support 4TB drives. This means you can get 4U goodness up to 96TB, 5U goodness up to 192TB, and very soon (and we’ll start taking early orders for it) 4U with up to (about) 1/4 PB directly coupled to a very fast computer, […]