Ultradense and fast JackRabbit coming next week

I don’t know that we’ll be able to get enough 4TB drives for all the units. We’ll talk about it some more at SC12, and should have a few units with 4TB, 3TB, and possibly 2TB drives in them.
For those whom aren’t aware, our JackRabbit unit is already the fastest spinning disk single server that we are aware of in market. Its dense, up to 144TB in a 5U container.
Well, prepare for an about 70% increase in capacity, a 1U reduction in vertical size, and an about 25% performance boost.
Roughly speaking this is.
Put one way, you can ask now how many PB per rack you can have, and have the first digit before the decimal be non-zero. In fact it will be greater than 1.
The storage bandwidth wall height will increase about 36% with this change, but considering that we are very rapidly approaching 60GB/s aggregate per rack, I think we can be forgiven.
More specs soon. Pictures too.
Final note: Of the initial run of these devices we’ve had built, we haven’t physically received the first one from our ODM, and have already sold half of this order. If you want to speak to us about this at SC12 or before, feel free to go to our contact page and ask us to give you a call.