I can’t believe its been one year since I wrote this

This post. Its the things that intrude upon that. Bitter never leaves. It just hides in the background, waiting for the moment to rear its head. In a few hours I take my wife of 20 years to the surgeon and oncologist to discuss our options. Prognosis is excellent from all I?ve read up on […]

Initial results for 60 bay unit running a software RAID

Our new JackRabbit tightly coupled storage and computing unit is on the test track, and about to go out the door to a customer. Need a few minutes with it, after quick tuning to generate some performance data. This is a single 4U server unit with 1/4 PB within it. Streaming 1TB from disk. This […]

Learning limits of Linux distribution infrastructure

Its only when you stress a distribution infrastructure that you truly see its limits. And as often as not, the fail winds up being widespread. Our new 60 bay JackRabbit unit with CentOS 6.3 on it … and this is not a bash at CentOS, they do a great job rebuilding the Red Hat distribution […]

ICL (IPMI Console Logger) update

Ok, this took me forever to get this done. But, I’ve had inquiries from a large number of people/companies, so here it goes: Have a looksy at the repo here This is the older code, with a single host at a time (plumbing is for many many hosts at once), with no triggers. That code […]

Controversy in the kernel

Referring to this article, it appears that there is some issue with an important subsystem in the Linux kernel. The SCSI target code, specifically the new implementation pulled in by James Bottomley is the LIO framework based upon work of Nicolas Bellinger and Rising Tide Systems. This was chosen over the SCST implementation, which continues […]

Post SC12: some thoughts and updates

That was our best SCxy show. Ever. Inclusive of all 17-ish years I’ve attended (getting to be something of a geezer I guess). The 60 bay JackRabbit system got lots of attention. That we are putting the Calxeda backplane and energy cards in, come January time frame, brought many people in to talk about this. […]

SC12 panel on big data

Listen to their definition between 3 and 6 minutes in. The storage performance and IO performance, and networking is extraordinarily critical to these problems. Which has been the set of problems we’ve been focusing on for a long time. Also worth noting that Addison Snell nails it on HPC and big data relationships. They are […]

And its over till SC13 …

Upfront: This was the best SC conference we have ever participated in. From an interest level, traffic level, and various meetings with partners, customers, and others. And to the folks who might be reading this whom we missed, or had to cut short conversations due to timing, please feel free to call/email us. We are […]

SC12 day 1

Ok, beobash rocked. As usual, Lara at Xandmarketing, Doug Eadline did an absolutely awesome job. For those I bumped into, hello again. I apologize if I didn’t spend more time with you … especially my readers … I was operating on fumes at that point. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself during the day at […]