SC12 day 1

Ok, beobash rocked. As usual, Lara at Xandmarketing, Doug Eadline did an absolutely awesome job. For those I bumped into, hello again. I apologize if I didn’t spend more time with you … especially my readers … I was operating on fumes at that point. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself during the day at the booth (4154) at SC12.
Got up early, got into the booth, did an interview video with Rich B at Punctuated by laughing, me forgetting things, and other symptoms of too much blood in my coffee-stream …
Replaced failing RAID cards in JackRabbit 60 bay unit. These are available to order now for those interested in up to 240TB of storage in 4U. Had 2 cards not survive shipment. Glad we had extras.
Met many people, spoke to them for many minutes. I was a little hoarse at the end (/whinny). Ok, bad joke.
Discovered we had an email problem to solve. That wasn’t actually our problem, but since it impacts customers getting support email from us, we are going to dig into it, see if we can help fix it.
We announced some new products
This is an incredible product offering, providing 192 processor cores in 48 compute nodes, tied to our very fast disks in our chassis. This would be a huge win for hadoop in a box users, who need tremendous amounts of high performance disk storage per node.
Interest in the 60 bay was huge … Interest in Calxeda solution was strong. I think we underestimated that.
Ken and Robyn doing an awesome job. Need more coffee at booth.
Stop by tomorrow if you are there. Coffee/tea and biscotti … not to mention some very fast storage.