And its over till SC13 …

Upfront: This was the best SC conference we have ever participated in. From an interest level, traffic level, and various meetings with partners, customers, and others.
And to the folks who might be reading this whom we missed, or had to cut short conversations due to timing, please feel free to call/email us. We are reachable via the usual methods.
Everyone marveled at the 60 bay chassis. Oddly enough, I never had time to set up the benchmarks on it. But thats ok, time for that next week. As we had been rushing to get the hardware out the door for the show, we left some of the marketing bits undone, which we are now working on. Spec sheets soon, I promise.
siFlash rocked the whole time, reading/writing 1TB chunks of data again and again and again.
Lara at Xandmarketing rocked. I cannot say enough good things about her work.
Robyn, our show associate was professional, intelligent, a pleasure to work with. She worked with us and learned from us quickly, and was rapidly able to communicate to visitors what we did, why it was different.
Doug completely rocked … as usual.
This was a great team. A great show. I am sorry more of the national labs and government folks could not have been there. We need to come up with a solution for this.
Thank you all for your kind words about reading this blog. Thanks to all who came up to me to say hello. I was probably running on fumes half the time, and I apologize if I seemed out of sorts.
As I’ve told folks there, we are at an inflection point as a company.