The joys of running one’s own mail server

Minor issue. We changed IP addresses at work recently. A larger block of public facing IPs for more functionality. And in doing so, we updated almost everything correctly. Yes, almost everything. Almost. Everything. The one, minor … trivial … thing we left unchanged … broke our support site sending reply emails correctly. They were rejected […]

Heavily armed rabbits

Saw this blog post with a cartoon in it. Those are armed rabbits. Sorta like JackRabbits. And that might not be the only definition of “ARMed” out there. Heavily ARMed JackRabbits. Not that I’m hinting at anything. Maybe people should just visit our booth 4154 at #SC12 … Viewed 65876 times by 5329 viewers

Where I come from …

… this is called being a mensch. Well played Michael Ferns, well played (in an respectful way). And welcome to Michigan and the Wolverines. Viewed 69783 times by 4742 viewers