Post SC12: some thoughts and updates

That was our best SCxy show. Ever. Inclusive of all 17-ish years I’ve attended (getting to be something of a geezer I guess).
The 60 bay JackRabbit system got lots of attention. That we are putting the Calxeda backplane and energy cards in, come January time frame, brought many people in to talk about this.
Big data was a one of the huge topics. I’ve been saying Big Data is not just Hadoop. In fact, in the financial markets, they work on positively gargantuan data sets on a regular basis for some analytics, and have great tools for this, most of them unrelated in concept or functionality to Hadoop. Kx’s kdb+ and q language are one of the major players in this space. We had Kx join us in the booth, and talked about their tools when we talked about large time series data analytics.
But the software needs a platform to run on, and run quickly. The 1/4 PB JackRabbit unit and extremely fast siFlash units are pretty good at running code on them while providing very fast storage. And kdb+/q, Hadoop, and other tools all can work across larger aggregations of these machines. The higher density the better, the faster the better. People get this. This part isn’t rocket science.
Our message resonated very well. People want and need extremely dense, extremely fast storage, that scales up and out as they need.
The company itself is growing hard and fast. I’ve mentioned this in the past

We had our first customer in 15 days.
Our second in 30 days after starting.
Now here we are 3652 days later. Going from a skim over the water at slow speed, to 45 degree attack angle and full throttle about 5 years ago, then 60 degree attack angle and afterburners lighting off, pressing us back hard in our seats just a few years ago ? to low earth orbit and warp cores spinning up now.
Yeah, we built that.

Well, we are at warp 2 right now and accelerating. Hard.
Update later.