OT: Helping a good cause

A few months ago, we had a new addition to our family. This is Captain, and he is what is called a rescue dog. The organization that rescued him doesn’t have that as their primary mission, they build shelters and provide food for dogs whom are chained up outside. Our Captain was one such. He … Read moreOT: Helping a good cause

SC12 video

If you haven’t figured it out, I’ve been busy. This is the very good sort of busy. Rich at InsideHPC.com (you read this, right? Regularly? Right? You should if you don’t) did a whole set of interviews at SC12. There’s some very cool stuff in them. Here’s ours. I’ll tell you the funny stuff at … Read moreSC12 video

Wondering aloud

Call this a hypothesis based upon observation. Its harder for smart people to admit they are incorrect about something, than it might be for the population as a whole. My rationale works like this … the smarter you are, the more defensive you are of that ‘status’ if you will, and so you tend to … Read moreWondering aloud

Updated DeltaV4 quick benchies

Streaming reads and writes. Far beyond memory/cache/… all spinning disk. Remember, this is our “slow” storage. [root@dv4-1 ~]# df -h /data Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/md2 55T 65G 55T 1% /data Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=65505MB, aggrb=1467.7MB/s, minb=1467.7MB/s, maxb=1467.7MB/s, mint=44633msec, maxt=44633msec Run status group 0 (all jobs): READ: io=65412MB, … Read moreUpdated DeltaV4 quick benchies