I am guessing they don't get it …

I wrote this some time ago.

I run a very nice little, and growing company. I own a substantial fraction of this company. Our revenues are far more than the recruiter?s company is likely willing to pay. There are too many digits in our revenues, before the decimal point, relative to any likely salary. I am working extremely hard at increasing the number of digits. Our customers are happily responding positively.
They way to solve this problem (for the recruiters) is to ignore us. Either that, or if you (the recruiters) really like us, then hire us to do the job for you (the recruiters company). Or buy us. Any of these are simple solutions to the problem.

This is even more true this year than last. So when people call me up and try to tell me of the glamour of working for another company, they need to take this into consideration. But they don’t.
So they call all the extensions on our phone. And leave messages for everyone.
Um … yeah.
We are growing, much faster than I had anticipated. We are actually on a real live hockey stick revenue curve.
Unless we get bought (or go bust, but see above about that hockey stick), chances of us changing to another employer are fairly low.