OT: Helping a good cause

A few months ago, we had a new addition to our family. This is Captain, and he is what is called a rescue dog. The organization that rescued him doesn’t have that as their primary mission, they build shelters and provide food for dogs whom are chained up outside.
Our Captain was one such. He was badly abused, and 4 months later, has major trust issues, and bad nightmares. He has recovered from the physical abuse. We don’t know when, if ever, he will recover from the mental abuse.

Chained Inc, the folks who build shelters for these animals, who feed them, who rescue them when no one else will. They provide for those who cannot ask for it. They are a non-profit. And they run on a shoestring budget.
And they need money. Click on the facebook page, and you’ll see a link to a matching donation page. It reads in part

Christmas is almost here! We have 2 days left on Mr. Feline’s Christmas Fundraiser!!! Mr. Feline is spreading some Christmas cheer to C.H.A.I.N.E.D .Inc and you get to help him! For every dollar that you donate, Mr. Feline will donate one too! For example, if you donate $10.00, Mr. Feline donates $10.00 and we have $20.00 to purchase a bag of high protein dog food and a nice juicy bone. If you donate $50.00, Mr. Feline donates $50.00 and now we can buy a large Igloo dog house to keep a dog warm for the winter. ‘Tis the season for giving, so won’t you help? http://chainedinc.chipin.com/mr-felines-christmas-fundraiser-mrfeline-will-match-every-dollar-donated

The link is here.
We donated yesterday. I’d like to see if we can get this to $5k or more total. Have it match to at least $10k.
They are a good organization, my Sensei got me hooked up with them, and helped bring Captain into our lives. This is one of the very few cases of charities where your money goes to work, 100%, for the intended purpose. There is no large bureaucracy to support, no one derives a salary from this. The director has a day job, as does everyone else. Proceeds go to buying supplies. They pay for their own gas, and as often as not, they pay for their own material to do this.
These are good people, with a noble cause. Please help me help them.