I am guessing they don’t get it …

I wrote this some time ago. I run a very nice little, and growing company. I own a substantial fraction of this company. Our revenues are far more than the recruiter?s company is likely willing to pay. There are too many digits in our revenues, before the decimal point, relative to any likely salary. I […]

Our cloudy future

So I just dealt with a hack on the @sijoe twitter account. And I went through a process of re-locking everything down. What occurs to me, is that this is our cloudy future. Where resources could be effectively stolen from us, say CPU cycles and storage, not merely hacking useless social media sites, by fairly […]

Well, that was fun

Somehow/somewhere, the @sijoe twitter account was compromised, and a bad tweet generated. I deleted the tweet. Then revoked all access to twitter from all accounts. Then made sure I’ve got two factor authentication up everywhere possible. Then changed all passwords on all accounts. Are we having fun yet? Somehow, I have a sense that this […]

What we’ve been working on for the past several months

… I still can’t talk about it publicly, until everything is live, and I get the OK. But it is awesome, and its a pleasure to work with the large extended team we are working with. And yes, this is killing me. I love to talk about cool stuff. Viewed 80928 times by 4911 viewers