SC12 video

If you haven’t figured it out, I’ve been busy. This is the very good sort of busy.
Rich at (you read this, right? Regularly? Right? You should if you don’t) did a whole set of interviews at SC12. There’s some very cool stuff in them.
Here’s ours. I’ll tell you the funny stuff at the end.

So this is like 8:30am. I’ve not had my coffee, so my brain is stuck in POST mode, and I am subject to race conditions (mouth stumbling ahead of single brain cell that might be awake). First two takes, I completely flubbed what I was going to say. I had Rich almost cracking up on the third take, so I changed what I was going to say. Just to avoid making the same mistake.
My brain fully booted after the application of additional caffeine.
And please remember, I’m a Nooo Yawkah (New Yorker), which means I gesticulate wildly when talking … At least I wasn’t holding anything dangerous like coffee at the time …