This has been another banner year for the day job

For the last 4 years, we’ve had significant year over year growth. We set records every year. 2 years ago was a barn stormer of a year. Last year reset the definition of barn storming for us. And this year.
Yes, this year. I’ve hinted that we were following a hard/fast growth path. Some folks who read this know the trajectory we are on. 38% growth over last year. Which was 60% growth over the year before. Which was … . It seems to be following a Moore’s law trajectory. This year was more than 2x 2 years ago’s numbers. Last year was more than 2x 3 years ago’s numbers.
Next year looks to be even better.
And we’ll have some of the job descriptions up soon. Yes, we plan on multiple hires in our company HQ and in the field.