This past December, 1 year to the day, and in fact, the very hour my wife was waking up from her surgery, we were at a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. I like TSO quite a bit, and this had serious significance for us. Like the XKCD biopsiversary, this was our own little F-U to cancer. […]

… and the positions are now, finally open …

See the Systems Engineering position here, and the System Build Technician position here. I’ll get these up on the site and a few others soon (tomorrow). But they are open now. For the Systems Engineering position, we really need someone in NYC area with a strong financial services background … Doug made me take […]

Massive. Unapologetic. Firepower. 24GB/s from siFlash

Oh yes we did. Oh yes. We did. This is the fastest storage box we are aware of, in market. This is so far outside of ram, and outside of OS and RAID level cache … [root@siFlash ~]# fio srt.fio … Run status group 0 (all jobs): READ: io=786432MB, aggrb=23971MB/s, minb=23971MB/s, maxb=23971MB/s, mint=32808msec, maxt=32808msec This […]

Doing something I’ve not done in a long time …

… buying a non-NVidia GPU product. Specifically the ATI FirePro W5000 for my desktop. I need to see if this is any more stable than the NVidia GTX series products. Feedback from customers running various flavors of Fermi, Kepler, Tesla, … suggest that the problem that was reported to me, that I’ve run into, is […]

NVidia crashing x server madness

I’ve been having a problem with a newly installed Mint 14 machine. A customer has been having this problem with a Scientific Linux 6.x machine. Some time after lighting up the machine, and usually after using an OpenGL application, the NVidia driver effectively hard locks, dumping error messages like this into the system logs. [ […]

Playing with AVX

I finally took some time from a busy schedule to play with AVX. I took my trusty old rzf code (Riemann Zeta function) and rewrote the time expensive inner loop in AVX primatives hooked to my C code. As a reminder, this code is a very simple sum reduction, and can be trivially parallelized (sum […]

Precision in languages

I’ve talked about precision in previous posts quite a while ago. I had seen some interesting posts about Javascript, which suggested that it was not immune to the same issues … if anything it was as problematic as most other languages, and maybe had a little less “guarding” the programmer against potential failure modes. This […]

Will the US default soon?

Quite possibly. We have a toxic mixture of overspending, insufficient revenue to cover the spending, and a borrowing limit. Several ideas have been floated over the last few weeks, including minting a $1T USD coin and depositing in the federal reserve. Thats $1012 USD folks. This is sort of like quantitative easing, aka printing more […]

Game over, and thank you for playing

Remember this? Java is considered more secure than other languages for several reasons: The Java compiler catches more compile-time errors; other languages (like C++) will compile programs that produce unpredictable results. Java does not allocate direct pointers to memory. This makes it impossible to accidentally reference memory that belongs to other programs or the kernel. […]