Massive. Unapologetic. Firepower. 24GB/s from siFlash

Oh yes we did. Oh yes. We did.
This is the fastest storage box we are aware of, in market. This is so far outside of ram, and outside of OS and RAID level cache …

[root@siFlash ~]# fio srt.fio
Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=786432MB, aggrb=23971MB/s, minb=23971MB/s, maxb=23971MB/s, mint=32808msec, maxt=32808msec

This is 1TB read in 40 seconds or so. 1PB read in 40k seconds (1/2 a day). Or take 10 of these units, distribute your 1PB across them (96TB raw max), and you can walk through that data in 4000 seconds. A bit more than an hour. Or take 100 of these units, distribute the data across them, and do the 1PB read in 400 seconds (about 6m 40s).
And I am going to tip my hand a little here.
This isn’t the fastest we can build. Nope. No-siree.
This box is shipping now BTW, as a 4U unit, with capacities up to 96TB raw as I’ve indicated.
Feel free to order a few. Great for big data, key value stores and related, tick databases, NGS, video/film, … you name it.