Rethinking taking @americanexpress in the day job

Long backstory which boils down to this: Every time a customer tries to pay with AMEX, we have to deal with a broken/borked verification system. None of our other credit card companies have issues, just AMEX. This time, they called up and questioned we were legitimate. Ok. They really did. I am going to start […]

Comments on Javascript being the “new” Perl

This has been making the rounds on Hacker News, Slashdot and others. The author’s central thesis is that Javascript has become something akin to the swiss army knife of cool programming, though its missing bits. He then compares this to Perl. He notes: Perl was never as popular as JavaScript has become lately, partly because […]

Sad end to supercomputer in New Mexico

I’ve written about this before, about 6 months ago. Basically, the Encanto supercomputer in New Mexico, is being disassembled. The parts appear to be headed to universities in New Mexico, so its not a complete loss, but they will still have to pay for maintenance and power/cooling. What I had written before In the case […]

More M&A … Nexsan snarfed by … Imation?

Ok, I didn’t quite see this one coming. Really. Honestly, I’ve not paid much attention to Imation in a fairly long time. I do remember tape drives and systems attached to parallel ports from them. I might even have one in my basement somewhere. Nexsan is an array vendor. For those not in the know, […]

Nails it !!!

Dave Barry in his usual fine form … summarizes our year. The one take away should be … WHAP Did anything good come out of 2012? Maybe. Just maybe. Consider: For years now, Washington has been paralyzed by bitterly partisan gridlock, unable and unwilling to act in the face of a looming, potentially disastrous economic […]

I have joined the dark side

There is now a Mac Mini on my desk. It is named neutrino. It is light. This isn’t getting rid of my Linux machine(s) by any stretch. And now having used neutrino for a day and change now, I note a few things. This list might make some howl in derision, but these are my […]