There are no silver bullets

… and anyone promising you one is selling you something. This is true everywhere, though especially so in massively overhyped markets. There are no secret incantations that will tease actionable insights out of gargantuan bolus of data. Yet, from all the “company X now has a hyper optimized, purple colored Hadoop distro, with a pony” […]

A replacement laptop for my daughter

Her old Dell Inspiron died, again. First it was a motherboard. Then a hard disk. And a cracked bezel. Now it looks like its a motherboard again. The power supply bits are, IMO, completely unforgivable. Until Dell lets us use a replacement supply that is not manufactured by Dell, we won’t be buying Dell laptops. […]

Reaching saturation: Our ongoing glut of Ph.D. educated talent

Achieving a Ph.D. is one of the highest academic goals one can set. You work insanely hard, you sacrifice income, starting a family, and many other things, in the pursuit of this (in most cases). And when you finish, you are, theoretically, in an upper strata of accomplishment. Many (including myself) entered into this path, […]

Why posting has been slow

Time. Basically I have none. I steal some here and there to get things out, but I have been completely swamped. Or I post when I am up late at night/early morning, and can’t get to sleep (occasional hazard of running a growing business). On a happy note, the company is growing. We have brought […]

As the clouds change …

This is going to take a few paragraphs to set up, to please bear with me. One of the harder aspects to building a business atop someone else’s platform is a fundamental dependency upon them that you create. Your business depends, to a very large extent upon their good will, and their desire to grow […]

ATI experiment update: day 19

So here I am, with an ATI W5000 card driving my dual display Linux desktop. I had pulled the NVidia GEForce card, as the driver or the card kept tossing Xid: NVRM errors, that I could not make go away. Googling this error took me back to years of people dealing with similar issues, and […]

Putting a 60 bay JackRabbit through some basic tests

Basic (conservative) configuration of the day jobs’ high performance tightly coupled storage system, no SSDs (apart from the OS drives). RAID6 LUNs, no RAID0’s. This is spinning rust folks. Nothing but spinning rust. In a realistic configuration. And no, we haven’t yet begun to tune this. Streaming writes, 1 thread per LUN: Run status group […]