ATI experiment update: day 19

So here I am, with an ATI W5000 card driving my dual display Linux desktop. I had pulled the NVidia GEForce card, as the driver or the card kept tossing Xid: NVRM errors, that I could not make go away. Googling this error took me back to years of people dealing with similar issues, and never getting a fix. Just reporting the same problem.
That was very annoying.
The day job has customers with these cards … exactly what are we supposed to be telling them? And some of our support customers called up with different versions of this card, indicating that they were having the same problem on a different kernel, but same revs of driver. Cycling through the driver revs, none of us ever found a stable one.
And to add insult to injury, my laptop, with a nice GEForce 560M card in it, showed the same error not two days ago. Had to shut the unit down, let it sit off for a few minutes, and then power it up.
At some point in time, you need to admit that the universe is trying to tell you something. You can choose to ignore it, or choose to listen.
I listened, and bought an ATI card.
After about 3 weeks, I am impressed. It works. A minor issue of one of the settings underscans the display on startup, but this should be trivially fixable.
It works, well, without annoying random glitches, under heavy workload.
I am starting to reconsider my NVidia everywhere policies of the past.