On this blog, I’ve pointed out the failings of many others. I’ve hinted at having to take ownership for others failures as the customer sees us, and not the people behind us (often messing with us). Our job is, among many other things, to hide that silliness away from them so they can focus upon […]

Getting out of Dodge

Thursday morning, the weather prediction was for 1-3 inches of snow in Secaucus, NJ. I’d been in a data center working the past week on bringing a system to final state. Its done modulo some cosmetic and minor functional issues that should not impede usage. So we accomplished this mission, though I am something of […]

Enable changes or enforce design

We have this dilemma. Customers who see our siCluster systems often like everything they see, but want “minor” changes. And we evaluate the changes they want for impact, describe it, and suggest a go/no-go based upon many aspects. Including supportability, stability, etc. We like providing this flexibility. Which gives rise to the dilemma. For us […]

Baseline test for technical staff

As usual, xkcd knocks it out of the park. I talked about qualifications for our SE position. The ability to talk customers through complex vi-based configuration sessions for system files, while driving 70 mph on the freeway, is a hard requirement. Not quite a munition defusing effort, but close enough. Unfortunately in something like the […]

A week into the ATI experiment

So I was sick of the crashes in the NVidia driver. Nouveau wasn’t that good. Maybe someday it will be, but its really not that useful to me. So I opted for an ATI W5000 card. Initial install was rocky. The card used VESA drivers, and that was fine for initial boot. Accelerated drivers … […]