Why posting has been slow

Time. Basically I have none. I steal some here and there to get things out, but I have been completely swamped. Or I post when I am up late at night/early morning, and can’t get to sleep (occasional hazard of running a growing business).
On a happy note, the company is growing. We have brought 4 people on board over the last six months, with an additional 2-4 planned near term. My co-owner has taken on a role as President and about half of my workload, so I can focus more upon the tasks in front of us.
We’ve got a terrific team, wonderful customers, awesome products, and are working on great and fun, very scalable, projects. I am very lucky to be working with such a great bunch of folks.
We will be at a bunch of shows: HPC on Wall Street, ISC, SC13, and a few partner user group meetings (in Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago, London, etc.). Working on some nice benchmarking this/next week as well.