You think I would learn already

Its called “fractured bone spur tip of olecranon“. It means I’ve got a broken bone in my elbow area. My arm is in a sling and immobilized. Got it while sparring at a karate tournament. Landed hard on my elbow due to a slippery floor. Of course its my right arm, the one I write […]

Products versus projects

Long ago I pondered Building a business and a pipeline is not the same as building a technology. Transitioning from a cool project to a successful product is far far more than meeting specific technological milestones. Projects, inherently, are un-finished entities. There are missing things. There are “un-implemented features” which would be necessary for a […]

Windows 8 is terrible

No, thats unfair to things that are truly terrible. It sets a low mark … a really … really … low mark. Trying to help a relative with adding a printer. A printer that happily works under windows 7. No issues, just works. Works under Linux on my laptop here. Nothing special, just works. But […]

This simply needs to be said … Networkmanager must be neutered

It should never, ever be enabled by a default install on a server. Ever. Under any circumstances. For any reason. I’d even argue it should never be installed by default for any reason on a server. Just fixed another NetworkManager-caused problem (TM). Modifying /etc/resolv.conf on a server after I changed the NICs as indicated. I […]

Failing 10GbE NICs

I won’t mention vendor by name here. Needless to say, I am unhappy with the failure rate on their NICs. We had a number of units we bought for internal use as well as for customer use. The NICs would throw various driver exceptions, and kernel panic the machines. It was doing this to our […]

Update on IPMI Console Logger

Config now comes from some nice and simple json, and it handles multiple machines with aplomb. See the git repository for the latest. The config file example is in there, and you can replicate the n01-ipmi section with more nodes trivially. Coming next is getting config from a trusted web server, along with registering the […]

Time wasting phone call detector regex

So there you are, sitting at your desk trying to do your work. A call comes in, you pick it up. Me: $day_job, Landman speaking Them: I would like to speak to (garbled) about (garbled) meta-Me: [start 15 second BS detector clock filter] Me: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you … who are you and […]