Windows 8 is terrible

No, thats unfair to things that are truly terrible. It sets a low mark … a really … really … low mark.
Trying to help a relative with adding a printer. A printer that happily works under windows 7. No issues, just works.
Works under Linux on my laptop here. Nothing special, just works.
But windows 8? Oh … no … it … doesn’t. Drivers (the built in ones we are told to use) don’t work. The downloadable ones? Non-functional. And trying to get a )(*(*^%*&%^ control panel up to handle this task?
I’m calling it. Windows jumped the shark. I can’t imagine this (horrible) interface on a phone.
Stardock (local to us) sells a $5 package that allegedly fixes this.

2 thoughts on “Windows 8 is terrible”

  1. IOBit has a free Win 7 desktop that works just fine as well (I use both the IOBit and Stardock on different machines… I suspect the Driver issue you are having is vendor specific to the printer.

    • I was ranting about the insanely bad management interface, the absolute train wreck of a user interface, the incredible backwards step they seem to have taken in compatibility.
      Windows 7 didn’t suck. It was actually, almost, usable, with tweaks.
      Windows 8 isn’t usable, does not appear to be manageable. I’m going to give my family a choice of Mac or Linux for their next laptops, as I am sure Microsoft is going to do to those Windows 7 installs what it did to Windows XP when it wanted people to “upgrade”. We’ll maintain some windows 7 capability until they drop support, but after that, we are done with them.
      Note: Microsoft aren’t the only ones to completely screw the pooch on stuff like this. Gnome 3 is a slow motion train wreck. Cinammon makes it usable. Mate is meh. By all reports, KDE 4.x (for large values of x) is excellent.

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